Learnings from the people building a platform that is transforming how stories are told online.

Developing a culture of good feedback

At NewsCred we’re constantly asking for feedback on everything. The Build Measure Learn feedback loop popularized by The Lean Startup movement has brought to light how important it is to validate the viability of a feature or product with …

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Migrating from Puppet to Ansible

When I joined NewsCred over three years ago, the company had already decided on Puppet as the company-wide configuration management software. And it made sense – it was proven technology that had been around for years (going on …

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Your Metrics are Bad and You Should Feel Bad

As most marketers know, “vanity” metrics like pageviews and unique visitors are being cast aside in the hunt for better measures of quality content. In the second wave of Internet Measuredom, bounce rate and average time on page …

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Eliminating Javascript Code Smells with OOP

As our Javascript codebases have grown, I’ve come to both appreciate and be wary of the language’s minimalism and flexibility. Ironically, the same qualities that allow rapid development and creative problem-solving can trap the programmer into writing unmaintainable …

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Sparking Insights

Introduction R&D at NewsCred has been hard at working bringing Audience Insights out of beta, and into production. We want to share some of the technical challenges we’ve had along the way, and the solutions we’ve come up …

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Welcome to CredibleCode

Welcome to CredibleCode, a technology blog from NewsCred. We work hard to get information to those who crave it.  We like to think that we spread knowledge and understanding. Through our software we try to encourage people to …

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